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Norwegian producer Finnebassen, has just shared a new single titled “15K.” Just like his previous releases, we’re facing another mesmerizing work. It has been quite impressive how fast he has been growing, not just in terms of musical quality, but also the vast number of lovers he has been captivating. Finnebassen describes his music as “Dirty melancholic house music.” Personally it brings me some sort of interior peace, making me dream about the good moments I’ve been through my personal life. Here at Golden Scissors we’re truly surrendered to his natural-born talent.”15 K” follows the same line of sound of his previous material. Superb bassline, filled with a lot of heart, soul, instantly will touch your heart driving you slowly into the unknown. In case you missed his previous releases, make sure to check out “Bella,” |download here| and the superb edit of Sade’s “Jezebel” |download here|. Magical.

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