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hey champ

German producer,  Justin Faust, knows exactly what we like around here at Golden Scissors! This time he decided to remix Hey Champ’s recent hit “Comet.” Faust’s treatment is more dancefloor-oriented, although he doesn’t take away from the sweetness of the original. He speeds up the piece from 113 to 118 bpms, and shortens it from 4:37 to 3:50. This turns the track into something you could throw into a DJ set. The vocal arrangement/order is also changed. The remix version starts immediately with BeuKes’ vocal followed by a solid beat, which is a perfect mix with the previous song (without even being necessary to “switch off” the bass). It’s also interesting to see that this rework shortens the long drop of the original, and probably works better on dance floor. You don’t have to wait for the rest of track to start dancing again. This remix works more like a re-fix for dancing lovers. Make sure to download it below, and show some love to Justin Faust on Facebook and Soundcloud, for giving away such a great piece!

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