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Parisian-based producer David Grellier, a.k.a. College, finally shared a new single called “Révélation” off his forthcoming and long-awaited album “Heritage.” As you already know here at Golden Scissors we’re huge fans of College and the whole Valérie collective, and we’re really excited about this new work. Without that Monsieur Grellier is one of the most epic producers worldwide, and also an influence for many producers nowadays. This new single sounds exactly of what we can expect from his personal sound aesthetic. “Révélation” starts with a simple clean and shinning synth-line creating a retro atmosphere, heading directly to the past. As usual College’s music doesn’t “complicate” much. You can clearly feel that he’s minimalist by nature, which makes his music sound even more epic and refined. Every single beat sounds elegant and unique. If you notice, by the end of this piece there’s some sort of fade out, which makes me think that the album will sound like a story. We’re really excited about this new album which drops on April 2nd, and you can already pre-order your copy via iTunes. Superb.



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