Golden Scissors


What a great way to end the weekend, a master at work with a well crafted remix. The two artists in this remix are not newcomers in our little hut. Tesla Boy, the synth pop trio from Russia, have been wondering through our pages for a while now with some wonderful productions like their fabulous “Fantasy” just from last year |listen here|. And on remixing duties we have Xinobi, master and servant of the Discotexas label, with an even greater list of remixes or original productions that simply do not fit the entirety of this post. Just check out his soundcloud page to confirm.
I didn’t know what to expect from this, it’s always like that when you get a new remix by Xinobi, but it got me at the first listen, and after listening to it ten times in a row it still sounds great. Love the bassline, love the use of the vocal, and love the way the music builds to a momentum. It has that classic disco tone just blended perfectly into the sound of Xinobi’s latest music. We have a winner here ladies and gentleman.
The original song is set to be released on March 18th via Gorby records |preview here|. You should definitely check out both artists for more and share the love.



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