Golden Scissors



Today has been a great day for music! Especially for electronic music coming from France. This time we have the new video directed by Luci Shroder for French synth-pop duo Juveniles of the single “Strangers,” taken from their upcoming debut album. I’ve also attached to this post Jupiter’s remix of this single, and you can check it out after the jump.

First of all this remix is being released today, as well as the original single and another remix by Le Crayon. You can listen to the whole set here and  purchase it on iTunes. Now, If you heard the original track on the player above, I’m pretty sure you’re going to adore this rework from the French-English duo. Just like their previous productions, we’re facing an irreproachable take heading you straight to the dance floor. No questions asked. Jupiter always manager to deliver quality stuff, and this one is no exception. Jupiter‘s remix is full of power, designed to make you move your body! Although keeping the “essence” of the original, they’ve made it more upbeat, with an interesting vocal rework. It quite impressive the deconstruction and reconstruction of the song. They seem to know how and where to add the right elements that will punch your heart, and make you listen to their music on repeat. If you notice, Jupiter are around for so long already. They’re constantly delivering in quantity and quality, and seems that it is never enough. We always want more and more of the same potion. Absolutely amazing!



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