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Ben Gomori

I know what you’re already thinking! Please, don’t judge me before listening to this one. Ben Gomori is the man! I’ve been listening all morning to his Re-edit of Justin Timberlake’s “Let The Groove Get In.” Last week everyone was crazy about the “Suit & Tie” from Aeroplane and Four Tet for the single. Honestly, I wasn’t that amazed; however, I am with this one! It’s not a new for anyone that Gomori is a great producer. In case you didn’t know, a couple months ago he remixed Dan Croll’s “From Nowhere” |download here| which was featured in Aeroplane’s October mix. I just don’t understand why this guy is not better known. He’s clearly gifted and he knows exactly what we like to hear. This simple work is just another proof of his immense talent. Guess what? free download in exchange of a Facebook like. GO!

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  1. Michał Shadovski says:

    Amazing! Truly a great piece of tune.

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