Golden Scissors



Let’s start this week on a high note. Today we see the release of a compilation featuring remixes from Jupiter‘s debut album “Juicy Lucy”. These songs have been featured as part of the singles releases, but now you can find the selection in one nice package. With works by The Supermen Lovers, JBAG, Little Boots, Mr. Gonzo or Juveniles (of which some have already been featured here); it’s a great addition to your music library. You can purchase now from iTunes.
We present this one by Yan WAGNER because we’re just suckers for that good old italo disco vibes. And the French-American artist doesn’t fail at this, with a strong synth work you feel you’re transported to another time. Also, in case you missed Mr. Gonzo’s remix for the single “Elliot Uppercut,” download it for free above the player

Download Jupiter’s “Elliot Uppercut” Mr. Gonzo’s Remix here ///



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