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We’ve been following the German producer, Essáy, for quite some time now. Honestly, I don’t know why we haven’t featured his music before. Sometimes it’s just a matter of timing to share everything we listen to here at Golden Scissors. A couple days ago he shared a new single called “Lyla,” which has been played on heavy rotation around here. You’ve probably heard this track before, because it counts has more than 8k plays on SoundCloud. “Lyla” is one of those tracks that is really hard to describe (at least for me). It’s interesting to see producers are using (and very well) all the resources they have to innovate their productions. After listening to this track on repeat several times, It’s still hard for me to describe it or say how it was done. I’m loving the fact that this piece covers many specific details from different worlds of electronic music. You’ll embrace the slow pace of this song, which is marked with a solid static beat filled with beautiful details. These include  small glitches, bright drum patterns and a warm and dreamy bassline; creating an immense atmosphere/soundscape. You can download single below, which is taken from a compilation called “Wrong Weather Forecast #2,” also available as free download. Pure gold.

Download ESSÁY – Lyla here ///

Download “Wrong Weather Forecast #2” here ///



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