Golden Scissors



While we’re anxiously waiting for Classixx’s debut album, the duo keeps teasing us with amazing remixes. This time they’re remixing Hanni El Khatib‘sThe original single is taken from the L.A.-based producer’s upcoming album “Head In The Dirt.” Honestly, I didn’t know anything about Hanni El Khatib. I did a little research about the this producer and he has Philippine roots. He’s best known in America for the success of his “Can’t Win Em All” track, which appeared in Audi’s Super Bowl commercial. Anyway, Classixx‘s Classixx’s take of the track we bring you today is pure gold! Probably my favorite remix the duo has done, to date. Classix live in colorful world, where Nu Disco is the main soundtrack of their life. Their version starts very smooth with a gentle bass-lines, filled with “external” details. It’s hard for me describe, but it works! There’s a voca echol that is elegant, creating a peaceful ambiance. At the same time, it helps bring the track into a level of superiority and epicness. I’m not sure how long they worked on this mix, but it’s definitely one of their most brilliant works to date. Pure gold!

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