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Lindsay Lowend - Bar Harbor

Washington producer Antonio Mendez, a.k.a. Lindsay Lowend, is back with a new single titled “Bar Harbour.” We’re following his music for quite some time now, and for what we’ve been noticing, he’s way to far of  drying his unlimited and talented resources. This new track clearly shows a different side of personal “beat,” denoting a natural ability to wobble between different “faces” of the endless electronic music world. If you’re following Lindsay Lowend, you already know that his previous productions are more orientated for an hip hop audience. “Bar Harbor” shows a different path, which is very much appreciated here at Golden Scissors. The whole piece is full of small details resulting into some sort of instant addiction, and eventually you will see yourself going back and forward on the player absorbing different moments of this piece. We’re definitely facing a creative and sensible work, filled of sweetness and a very tight production, showing that we can expect much more in the future from Mr. Mendez. Make sure to download this track below, and follow Lindsay Lowend on Facebook and Soundcloud. Stay Golden…

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