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Resotone - What Never Was

Today I’m completely sedated by the Sunday Funday feeling. Without a doubt it’s my favorite day of week. Every single Sunday I give a listen to the recent smooth and chill tunes that have been released (yes I have a chillwave secret soundcloud account). I just came across this single titled “What Never Was.” by the UK producer Resotone, which got my attention. I’m fairly addicted to the elegant piano-line together with subtle glitch, creating an immensely chilling tmosphere. Around 1:08 there’s a beautiful sample of a female vocal that will positively surprise you. This works really well with the general ambiance of the piece. The whole track will take you into personal introspection, which in my case, makes me revisit what I have been doing with my personal life. It’s really impressive how a single track brings so many distinct emotions to fruition; touching everyone and their soul in a different way. If you like personal introspection, download this track below, and make sure to follow Resotone on Facebook and follow him on Soundcloud.

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