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Russ chimes

Golden Scissors all-time favorite Russ Chimes dude is back with a new single called “Turn Me Out,” which apparently was just a track to be played on his DJ sets that ended up on the radio. What else can we say about the geniality of this guy? I think this might be the most sincere post I’m writing about someone that is like a god a to me. Russ Chimes makes part of who I am musically speaking. I do still play his old tunes! I’m not ashamed of write and admit it publicly. I know that for some DJs it’s not cool to play a track that was released like a month ago. Probably it’s too old already. I’m definitely not one of those. Good music doesn’t have a deadline! This new single kinda brings back the “old” Russ Chimes, and we heard if for the first time when he dropped his excellent minimix for Annie Mac. It’s always a pleasure to see his music being published here at Golden Scissors, and for sure that’s the way it is going to be in the future. “Turn Me Out” is being released on April 29th via Deconstruction Records. Also, check out below the player the complete trilogy of the epic “Midnight Club” EP. Stay Golden!


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