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WMNSTUDIES - Too Damn Dope For Me Ft INOJ (Bootleg

Producers have been really into the 90s throwbacks lately, and for good reason. I myself am a diehard 90s fanatic. I can’t get enough of throwback Nickelodeon and slowjams, so I was really stoked to see WMNSTUDIES throw out a 90s bootleg. INOJ was sort of a one hit wonder, and her hit “Let Me Love You Down” is probably not that memorable to our readers. I remembered the track after queuing up the jam, but had no idea the name of the artist. What WMNSTUDIES has done, is created a memory that took me back to singing to this song with a hairbrush in my mirror. WMNSTUDIES has managed to speed up the jam, and make it more danceable. From the sound of their bootleg, why would anyone ever listen to the original? They have breathed life into an otherwise forgotten wonder. Slap on your slap-bracelets and secure your velcro LA Lights, because this tune is going to take you back to memory lane.  The duo hails out of  Vancouver, and might be one to watch.



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