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Light Spectrum March Mix 2013

Seriously…Light Spectrum‘s mixes are probably the best monthly charts we post here at Golden Scissors. Good Djs follow platforms such as beatport and iTunes; however, excellent DJs search for their sound with all the resources they have available. This month our good friend did a mix with 1:26 hours in length, and it sounds like a soundtrack for a movie. It’s exciting every time the Spanish producer delivers a new mix. We also know that some of you are already expecting this post. For you, all I have to say is that we will always be here to post Edu’s mixes. Check out the tracklist below the player and download this mix right here. Excellent.


1. Sellorekt/LA Dreams – Penumbra
2. Kid Machine – Space Renegade (Flemming Dalum Remix)
3. Rabo & Snob – Camel Filter
4. Beatconductor – Woodo
5. Decadance Vs Italoconnection – On And On (Flemming Dalum Remix)
6. Alkalino – Lets Give It A Try
7. Angela – I Gotta Little Love (Tony Johns Re-Edit)
8. Jolly Mare – Jackpot
9. Bufi & La Royale – Paris
10. Synth Alien – Taurus X-1
11. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train (Betamaxx Remix)
12. Iñigo – Soy Electronico (Thomass Jackson Cosmic Remix)
13. Pimo – Lion Heart (Italo Brutalo Remix]
14. Speakdeep, Joy Lee, S. Rorschach – Geist (Antonio Spencer Slow Feet Mix)
15. King DJ – Let Me See You Feel
16. Black Strobe – The Girl From The Bayou (Brioski Remix)
17. Superstring – On The Road (Richard Rossa’s Dark Boogie Remix)
18. Gameboyz – Juan El Jefe
19. MooMoonster – Ecstasy In Slow Mo
20. Nightcrawler – Road Blaster (Tommy Remix)
21. Stretch – Foss
22. Imfromull – No Longer Would You Be Mine (The Grapevine Rework)
23. Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Final DJs Relax On The Beach Remix)
24. Irregular Disco Workers Vs Semi-Functional – Megalopolis
25. Palm Highway Chase – Escape From New York (Logan Sky Remix)



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