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Flight Facilities

Here’s the third installment of Flight Facilities exclusive mix for triple J. This time we’re going back to the 90’s. We’ve been posting all their mixes, and we feel it’s our duty to share this one with you as well. In case you missed the previous mixes, check them out above the player. This time I’ve just copied their own description from soundcloud about this piece. Read it below:

“The third installment of our mixes for triple j Mix Up Exclusives. Taking you chronologically from 1992 – 2002.

Once again, using the Soundcloud time markers, we want to see you name:

– The samples of major events in history
– The original songs used to make the edits
– The modern day songs that used the samples
– The unlisted cuts of other songs we snuck in

Just like the 72-82 mix and the 82-92 mix, there are plenty of Easter eggs to be found. Some more obvious than others. Get hunting…

This decade’s cover art:

If you’d like to know more about these mixes, how they were made and what went into them, visit:

HINT: Download the mix and put it on your iPod (or watch your iTunes artwork box) for the full experience.”

Flight Facilities for ‘triple j Mix Up Exclusives’: 1972-1982 – Download here ///

Flight Facilities for ‘triple j Mix Up Exclusives’: 1982-1992 – Download here ///

Flight Facilities for ‘triple j Mix Up Exclusives’ 1992-2002 – Download here ///



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