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Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi - Boy (Summer Occasion reMix)

Our good friends from the blog/label electronic rumors are releasing a new single called “Boy,” which is the result of a collaboration between Canadian producer Box of Wolves and London-based pop singer Christa Vi. Today we have the chance to premiere Summer Occasion‘s redemption of this sweet track. We are a big fan of his work, and are proud to have the chance to premiere this piece. Plus, this is only the first time we’re listening to the golden touch by Oakland-based producer Jon H. Would you believe that he is only 18 years old? I’m not gonna lie to you and say that I already knew about this kid. I had research him, and his soundcloud account is a goldmine. The people over at Electronic Rumors have been doing some research, and this remix is the result of what I’ve just mentioned. The original track by itself is a typical retro pop piece, with an interesting instrumental arrangement (very much on the sound-line of the label). Summer Occasion’s take of the track is more contemporary and chill. You will instantly embrace this version if you’re fan of waves-chill-wave. Married with Christa Vi’s voice, this piece creates an elegant / relaxed atmosphere. Besides being a remix, you won’t feel that this version takes the authenticity of the original. The original is so beautiful that there’s no need to re-build it. The young producer clearly respects it, only slowing down the track, turning it into the perfect soundtrack for Summer days. I would dare to say that 3:14 minutes is too short for such a luscious production. The whole package is completed with another single called “The Machine” and a remix by Canadian producer Cyclist. Listen here to the whole thing, and make sure to buy your copy, which drops in all digital stores on March 11th. Pure gold.



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