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Following the excellent “Popup Cinema,” |listen here| UK producer Chris Ward, a.k.a. Tropics, is back with another single titled “Home & Consequence.” If you’re familiarized with Tropics’ music, I’m pretty sure you’re as excited as I am about this new work. Without a doubt he’s one of the winners of 2012! The new work we bring you today will not disappoint you for sure. Magical sounds will instantly captivate your senses, and for sure you will eventually repeat this piece. I would say that this new track is more like a continuation of what we heard last year. Smooth and elegant cuts driving you (almost unconsciously) through his own world with an impressive simplicity, at the same time, with an incredible solid production. “Home & Consonance” is that kind of music to be absorbed slowly. Every single note must be heard with your full attention! You will fall in love for Ward’s voice, very well accomplished with a drummed up beat, equally brightened with sweet details all over the piece. Tropics’ music is truly special, giving the idea that he cares about every single person that listen to him. When you click play, you have the impression that he’s playing in front of you. It’s like an intimist concert being played live for only one single person. In case you missed Kelpe’s excellent remix of “Popup Cinema,” just follow this link for a free download. We’re really excited to listen to whole EP, which drops on April 22nd via Five Easy Pieces. Magical….

“Home & Consonance” EP tracklist:
1. Home & Consonance
2. Courage feat. Gavin Turek
3. Don’t You Know
4. Fleeting Haunt



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