Golden Scissors


St Lucia

St. Lucia‘s “September” LP is one of the best albums released in 2012. In case you haven’t heard it yet, you should make it happen as soon as possible, specially the single “September” |listen here|. Today the NY producer and leader of the project Jean-Philip Grobler shared on Soundcloud a remix by the UK electronic pop trio CHVRCHES of the single “Before The Dive.” Actually this is only the first time we’re featuring a work CHVRCHES, basically because everyone else is constantly posting their music and we feel we should support less known artists, because it’s an ideology we persue. This time it was stronger than us! They clearly added some sort of epicness to the original by simply pitching up the track, reworking the vocal with interesting micro samples, and obviously doing some magical with their synths. While we try not be, just another blog, we had to share this magnificent piece. Also, check out the video of the original single after the jump. To be played on repeat….



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