Golden Scissors


Roosevelt Around You

During 2012 Greco-Roman delivered great music by great artists and we can only thank them for being so good to us. If you go back and revisit their past releases, you can only conclude that they have been dropping one winner after another. We had Totally Extinct Enormous Dinosaurs releasing the massive “Garden,” followed by Joe Goddard’s superb “Valentina.” They also spoiled us with Disclosure’s “Boiling,” and equally brilliant was Baio’s “Sunburn” EP. Honestly I totally missed Roosevelt‘s debut single “Sea,” but I clearly remember to post “Soleil,” which was played on repeat for several months and I eventually bought it. Last week the Cologne-based producer came out with a new track called “Around You.” Once again, we’re facing a luscious production giving the idea that every single “inch” of the sound is designed for lovers. Roosevelt keeps  surprising us, oscillating around an electronic mellow pop, very much orientated for dreamlovers and Summer nights. Besides being a bit darker than his previous releases, you can still feel some disco pinches brightening the whole piece. I’m not sure what’s going to be his next step, but I’m truly excited about his music, and everything that has been dropped by Greco-Roman. Pure Magic.



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