Golden Scissors



L.A. producer Josh Legg, a.k.a. Goldroom, has just shared a new troopicol addiction to his wide collection of original tuneries. “Only You Can Show Me” featuring the lovely pop singer Mereki follows the same vibe of his previous releases. As you already know, this is going to be massively posted around the blogosphere. Josh is one of the favorite producers of our community. Here at Golden Scissors, we’re no exception, and we always like to show some love. We’re huge fans of his style and he keeps delivering quality pver quantity. In less than a year and half Goldroom created a huge fan following, and he’s already a big influence to young producers. Again, he strikes back with more of the same potion. A sweet female vocal, aligned to a creative and catchy instrumental arrangement. The new single is being released today via our friends from Vitalic Noise, and you can buy your copy via beatport. We love Goldroom!



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