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moonlight matters

Our favorite Belgian producer of the moment is back with another massive remix! This time Sebaastian Vandervoorde is remixing Electric Guest’s “The Bait.” It’s common to see producers remixing big names in order to get hype. Moonlight Matters is definitely not one of those producers. In January he dropped a remix of Owlle’s “Disorder.” With all respect for the lady (I honestly love her) but in this case it was the Belgian producer who gave all the hype to the French artist, which easily reached Hypem’s most popular tracks. You’re probably thinking I’m being sensationalist, but the truth is that we have to define some patterns in order to understand the remix “disease” we’re facing nowadays. Again Seba’s remakes the all original. Again he doesn’t take the essence of it. The true ability of the Belgian producer is to make you dance without sounding too “loud” or too “poppish.” 122.05 bpms are more than enough to head you to the dance floor. He completely rewashes the track by adding his synth-magical touch. It doesn’t always sound the same. If you check his previous remixes you will notice that Moonlight Matters keeps upgrading his music. He’s a workaholic, but the results are amazing! Small appointments to take here: around 00:33 there’s a sneaky built followed by a moment of “windy” sounds. Precisely at 01:04 there’s a change of rythm with some cool and classy claps, and right after that you have the vocal and after that the claps are back together with an hypnotic synth-line. There’s also another interesting aspect about this remix. If you notice Seba doesn’t repeat the previous compass he wrote. After the first drop, he always manages to rebuild a second part that always sounds epic to my ears. Once again, brilliant! Moonlight Matters definitely matters.

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