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I could just post on facebook this small teaser of College‘s forthcoming “Heritage” album, but, my love and respect for such an epic artist comes from the time that I used (I still do) to follow religiously his blog and the whole Valérie Collective crew. Without a doubt that these guys have marked an electronic movement that hardly will comeback. No matter what will happen in the future, we can’t renegade our influences. I’m a huge fan of people, such as, College, Anoraak, Electric Youth, The Outrunners, Stephen Falken, Maethelvin, and everyone from that amazing era, when the 80’s were being revisited with class. I know I’m getting old. I know……..
While writing this post I’m listening to College’s “Teenage Color” EP release back in 2008, featuring epic songs such as “Can You Kiss Me First” or “My Secret Romance.” “Heritage” is already his second full-length, following the amazing “Northern Council” released in 2011. If you’re fan of this specific genre, make sure to order your copy of the new album, which will drop on March 19th on a limited collector white vinyl edition 300, and digitally on April 2nd. Also, check out after the jump some of my personal all-time favorite songs from the epic Collective. Valérie, Je T’aime…


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