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If you’ve been following us for some time now you already know that we have a soft spot for the indie dance scene. There’s something in all these projects that are making this type of music that makes me want to keep on listening. They can deliver deep profound songs that relate to each and everyone of us, but right after that comes something that makes us want to dance, lifting our spirits and celebrate life.
Clubfeet is just such one of these projects, this five piece based in Australia, the place of all good things indie dance synth pop electronic tropical nudisco, have been paving their way onto the indie dance scene for 3 years now, releasing their debut album “Gold on gold” in 2010, the album “Heirs and Grace” just released early this year and having been remixed by the likes of Softwar, Dublin Aunts, Munk, Dimitri from Paris, RAC or The C90’s.
So where to go next? A cover. But not just any cover, a cover from one of the electronic dance projects of the moment, Disclosure. “Latch” was one the critically acclaimed songs of 2012 by the UK duo and the boys make good use of it. It’s a live session as you can see by the video below. It’s a nice take on a very successful song.
You can grab the song for free on the player below and check out their soundcloud page for more.



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