Golden Scissors



Are you looking for some relaxing sounds to end your day? Do you like to come home and just have a glass of wine and have a soundtrack of smooth chilled songs playing to take you away from the rest of the world? Well, we’ve found just that kind of song.
Silenx, is certainly not a newcomer in our humble house, in fact is just one the Portuguese artists we follow regularly. His productions always carry the influence of the synthesizers, sometimes falling in the 80’s synth sounds or leaning on the dreamwave genre which has recently begun to take shape. Dreamwave is a genre that doesn’t get much attention from people in general, but some of the work being made in this category are simple and beautiful productions. They are made by people with a passion for the electronic instruments that changed the whole spectrum of music back in the 70’s.

I know I’m rambling here, but give this one a closer look and you will see what I’m talking about. You can listen to synth being played, reminding us that there was once a time when TV shows and movies featured this type of music. You feel the bassline setting the rhythm, but you can also listen to those ambient sounds in the background, which make you wonder into space and set adrift by the majesty of it all.

The song is available to buy in Bandcamp.



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