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I’ve been fairly impressed with the UK act Portico Quartet! I stumbled across their Soundcloud, and I’ve been listening on repeat to the single “Line,” which is taken from their “Isla” LP. Their music is a change from what we usually blog here at Golden Scissors. Honestly, I identify myself with their sound, because of my musical background. I relate it with classical music being played by real instruments. Portico’s sounds are truly blissful to your ears and soul. They play interesting “toys” such as saxophone, hang drum, contrabass, bass, and percussion, mixing them perfectly with small appointments of electronic trappings. I would say that for a full experience you should  listen/watch them playing live. So, I’ve decided to attach a snippet of a studio performance of their excellent “Line.” Check it out below:

Initially the main reason of this post was to write about SBTRKT‘s remix of the single “Line,” but, as you can see, the original is absolutely brilliant, and I had to share it. I believe that it also helps us to understand this rework. I’m always happy to hear a remix that doesn’t take the essence of the original. This take from London producer Aaron Jerome is very legit, and also proves why he’s one of the best producers worldwide. He could easily distort the original, but I’m pretty sure he felt that he should respect it and just give it a dance floor feeling. Jerome’s version starts very much like the original piece. He adds a nice upbeat right in the beginning,  driving you through his own world, blending the song with his natural touch. He clearly stamps his brand, but the original vibe is there. He only adds small details such as some micro vocal samples. He remains close to the instrumental arrangement of the original, only changing the order of entrance and wrapping the whole piece, turning it into a garage solid production. It’s clear that he used the stems that were given by the band! After listening to the original piece, you’ll agree with me that SBTRKT’s redemption works more like a re-approach for the dance floor, produced for bass lovers. This remix is being released on March 25th via Real World Records. Make sure to follow this link for more info. Pure gold.



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