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Seems everywhere we turn we get a new Deep House song. Not discarding the genre, because good things can come from anywhere and we are not the ones to judge where the trends will go. We have a policy of “if it’s good, and one of us likes it, we’ll post it”. I’m not a personal fan of this type of music but it falls on us to set aside any differences we have, and listen without prejudice because music is an art form and it should not be judged but admired.
This is the first time we’re reviewing a song by Lane 8. This San Francisco based musician has been making his way onto the stars, with a crystal clear, well balanced sound in his productions. Already with an EP on his back, some other remixes and originals, and for someone who started playing piano at the age of 6, you know that music runs in his blood. I have to point out his excellent work on his rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go your on way”, which you can find here.
You can see on this track that he has not afraid to pick on the classics and take Suzanne Vega’s voice to create something of his own. It’s just beautifully crafted, with a delicate dash of synth and smooth house beats that make you float around the ups and downs during all of the song. If you’re a fan of the genre I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one and check out the rest of his work cause you won’t be disappointed.
Grab the song for free on the player below.



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