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I’ve been waiting a long time for an opportunity to write about Eduard Raos and Vinko Pelicaric,a.k.a. SymbolOne. Without a doubt the Croatian duo based in Dublin are one of my personal all-time favorite producers. If it’s if the first time you’re reading about them, I will just summarize some of their previous releases here. I came across their music around 2008, when they released an epic EP called “Love Juice” (…listen here…) which was remixed by Moullinex and Danger. I clearly remember that it instantly became a favorite and it was played literally on repeat mode for ages. You can easy relate their music with names such as Anoraak, Justin Faust, Punks Jump Up, College, and many other artists that appeared more or less at the same time. Since then I’ve been religiously following  the duo. They also dropped excellent remixes for Punks Jump Up, Coupons, DVAS, The Living Islands, RUFUS, just to mention a few. I would say that my favorite remixes they did are for DVAS’ “Ambient Room” (…listen here…) and of Punks Jump Up’s “Blockhead” (…listen here…). Today they dropped on Soundcloud a new single titled “Pink Elephant,” and you can already click play below on the player below.

If you heard the tracks I’ve mention previously, you’ll notice that their sound denotes a different approach. I wouldn’t consider it as an upgrade or even evolution. It’s just a matter of following what we’re listening nowadays. “Pink Elephant” is clearly a Nu Disco track with interesting clippings. Still, very good tune for the dance floor. 118 bmps are more than enough to head you to the dance floor. It starts with cosmic feeling that will grow until the first 0:32 sec.  The track seems to be very DJ friendly (in case you’re DJ). The overall flow is very cool with a static beat, together with a sexy female vocal that will instantly captivate your attention. Around 2:43 there’s a long dreamy drop and again those female vocals are pure sex. The dance mood returns around 3:48, with the same feeling of the first part, although there the vocal disappear. Again, perfect to mix with the next track (in case you’re DJ). The EP comes with remixes by Riton, Deadbots, and Ilija Rudman. You can listen to the whole remix package right here and buy the EP on beatport. I didn’t resist, and I’ve decided to add some freebies from their Soundcloud, which you can download below. Pure Magic.


Punks Jump Up – Blockhead (SymbolOne remix) [download here]

LippsInc – Rock It (SymbolOne Edit) [download here]



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