Golden Scissors



Louisville producer Andrew Rothbauer, a.k.a. Pyxis, might be one of our favorite producers of this new year so far. He has been constantly sharing quality sounds. Perfect sounds for Sunday. Today he dropped a new single titled “Se Détentre,” which simply means relax in English. As we previously mentioned in the beginning of the week, we believe that Pyxis might become more than just another newcomer producing “cool” beats. For now, all we know is that our followers have been enjoying a lot his music. Early this week we shared his remix of Bondax’s “All I Want” (…listen/download here…) and surprisingly it was one of the posts with more views during the week. Just like the majority of his sound, this new production fits perfectly in the mood of our Blog. Smoothness is the key word. It is fair enough to say that he’s already crafting some sort of personal identity, and we know that the “alternative” world of music is not always the easiest way of getting exposure. Once again, we had to share his liquid chill. Download “Se Détentre” on the player below, and I guarantee you it will make your day a lot more chilled.

Bonus track: If you’re following us for quite some time now, you already know that we don’t share more than one track per post. Although, we have been listening on repeat Pyxis redemption of Flume’s “Stay Close,” and we felt we should give it shout. Enjoy your Sunday in peace….



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