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Dumb Dan - Ele (Jesper Samuelson 2013 Remix)

It’s official, Golden Scissors is the last Oasis when it comes to tropicool Nu Disco beats! Today is Saturday and the weather is fantastic here in the Azores Islands. Yesterday my Swedish friend Dustin, very well known for his Spirit Soul Mix Archive, shared with me this remix from his friend Jesper Samuelson of Dumb Dan’s “Ele.” As you may remember last year everyone was excited about tropical disco, and suddenly everything stopped. Maybe the scene started to become saturated, but the truth is that when something gets a lot of hype, it’s quite hard to find quality tunes, just like this one I have here to share with you. Anyway, the original single (…listen here…) of this version was released back in 2009 by Dumb Dan, a.k.a. Daniel Lindeberg, from Drop Out Orchestra. Honestly I didn’t know about this track before and I’m fairly impressed with this rework. The Swedish producer totally rewashed this single adding a lot of  interesting elements. Samuelson’s version is a lot more sexy. He slowed down the pitch until 105 bpms and kept the original melody. Everything else is reconstructed. You will instantly fall in love as soon as you click play. Super sexy bassline, together with micro female samples that will naturally flow all over the jam. Around 0:36 enters the main kick of the sound and at 1:12 there’s a first moment of pure pleasure with a nice echo/reverb vocal. It will slowly grow until an epic drop at 2:27, which will create some sort of anxiety followed by super smooth piano line, and that’s probably the sexiest part of this work. Around 4:52 is when you feel the outro of this piece, which a good indicator for a long and smooth transition, in case you’re a DJ. Very effective. The good new is that you can download this track for free in exchange of a like via Samuelson’s Facebook. Enjoy…!



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