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pink floyd the wall

When you see a remix of a classic song from one of the biggest bands in the world you try to listen with care, not knowing what might come out of it and keep an open mind about it. Miami based trio Dude Skywalker (what a great name for all the nerds out there) have managed to pick up on the contemporary monster that is Pink Floyd and on the worldwide hit “The Wall”. I’m not going to dwell in to the importance or meaning of the song, but they’re walking on a thin line here.
Dude Skywalker like to wonder around disco with tropical beats and have been making a name for themselves with last year’s release single “To The Floor”, listen here, and gathering support from the likes of Poolside, Aeroplane, Amtrac, Mark Starr, Mickey, Soul Clap and Tony G. With only a few songs in the works, they managed to capture our attention and we can see good things coming your way.
Now for the elephant in the room. This is a surprising take on “The Wall”, stripped down of almost all the elements in the song, the trio make a funk sound creating their own rhythm section with a powerful bass line and conga beats with a dash of disco synth keeping the guitar riff and that chorus of children everybody knows shouting in one voice “leave us kids alone”. So listen, download on the player below, and share this golden tropical beat.



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