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Swedish trio Monitor 66 is already one of our favorite acts at the moment! Their productions are becoming more and more appreciated by the electronic community, as well as, by the whole blogosphere movement. If there were any doubts about their talent. I would say that after releasing the massive “Triscuits” (…watch/listen here…) they have definitely conquered our hearts with the single “Ambient Blackbird” (…listen/download here…), which is clearly less eccentric, but it has been played on repeat over and over again. It’s starting to become harder and harder to say what’s our favorite production, while they keep constantly feeding our ears with magical sounds. Probably you’re thinking that I’m exaggerating or being  tendentious, but if you have a chance to play any of those tracks I’ve just mentioned, you will feel that your audience is going to immediately appreciate it. They will instantly react to their music. When I “discuss” with other bloggers/producers about contemporary electronic music, I always mention some of the names we post here as being genius. Again, you’re probably thinking that  I’m being too kind, but the truth is that in all areas there will always exist people that naturally will distinguish themselves from everyone else. Maybe it’s a bit early to say that Monitor 66 are part of this restrict group, but they have crafted their own style. If you notice I’m not even referring myself to their remixes, which another big part from the electronic world. A couple minutes ago, they shared a new single called “Follow You,” which happens to be another great piece of sweetness and elegance. You will instantly embrace the prefect harmony of their music, which creates positive and bright enviroment. “Follow You” is simple but very much “rhetorical” and effective. This piece demonstrates that it’s not necessary to make something eccentric to be become excellent.  All you have to do is to press play and listen carefully. I always think about Monitor 66’s as music to absolve slowly and gently. By the way, this track is only available as free download, because they’re celebrating 5000 Soundcloud followers. Make sure to download your copy right here, and follow them on Facebook and Soundcloud. Stay Golden…

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