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Black Strobe – The Girl From The Bayou (Brioski Remix)

Here’s another premiere that makes us very proud over at Golden Scissors! Today we have the honour of being the first blog worldwide to publish Brioski‘s remix of Black Strobe‘s “The Girl From The Bayou.” Since the beginning, when we were contacted by the nice people from Blackstrobe Records asking us to premiere the Milano’s take of this single, we have been listening to it on repeat! Blackstrobe is without a doubt one of our all-time favorite producers. If it is the first time you’re hearing something related to his music, I will just summarize his previous releases here. Essentially, Blackstrobe is one of the most influential producers worldwide – a reference, if you will. Blackstrobe is considered by many music lovers as a chameleon of the scene. He has been producing quality electronic music since the late 90’s and has kept reinventing/­upgrading his music, while many other producers were appearing and fading over the course of time. I’m old enough to remember epic nights dancing to super productions such as “Me And Madonna” (…listen here…) or “Italian Fireflies” (…listen here…).I’m talking about singles that were released around 2003. Since then, Blackstrobe’s music has been changing, and it might be less eccentric, but it is certainly more mature and refined.Last year, Arnaud Rebotini revealed to the world a new single called “Boogie In Zero Gravity” (…listen here…) which is the first track we heard from his forthcoming LP to be released during 2013. Like I said before, he keeps upgrading his music, taking a Disco Boogie direction, which is the sound that has been played by the new generations. Today we’re sharing with you Brioski’s remix for the single “The Girl From The Bayou” also from the French producer upcoming LP. This version totally respects the original track, spicing up your ears with some interesting guitar riffs and a massive bass-line, taking you straight to the dance floor. Around 2:41 there’s an interesting drop followed by sweet claps, filled with cosmic synths, and a beautiful guitar solo that was completely changed, and I would say that it is the icing on the cake. Like I said before, it has been played literally on repeat around here. Excellent.

Blackstrobe’s live session playing “Boogie In Zero Gravity ”



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