Golden Scissors



“C’mon, another one? Well this one’s nice. But it’s just too much. I know, but this one is actually pretty good”. That was the conversation in my head when I started doing this review. It seems redundant that we show you another remix from TDCC but has half of me said it, this one is actually pretty good. For the people who have just come out of a coma or are simply unaware of the indie pop charts, this is one of the singles from Two Door Cinema Club’s début album “Tourist History” that came out in 2010. The album was critically acclaimed and it spawned over several remixes from the various hit singles it produced.
This remix is part of the Deluxe version of that album, alongside nine other remixes by the likes of Moullinex, Cassian, Jupiter or The Twelves, but was dropped just now on the soundcloud page of Australian duo Softwar. And after a long discussion of 5 seconds we decided to share it with you. It’s still sounding good even after all the massive exposure to TDCC’s music. Softwar create a different atmosphere from the original, making their own arrangements and giving this deep house feeling to the song. Check it out, we know you won’t regret it. It’s a great dose of music for these winter days.
You can buy the whole package on iTunes here.



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