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Flight Facilities

Today the Flight Facilities have just released another one of the pearls heard on their latest mixtape. The second run on their “triple J mix up” can be found here, and it’s a flashback of songs and events set between 1982 and 1992. Some of the songs presented in this mix have been edited by themselves and it’s good for us that they want to show them.
This is a classic piece from 1986 by Paul Simon, from his album “Graceland”, a song he started recording in South Africa which still resonates to some bands of today. Flight Facilities do an excellent job at this and keep those conga beats and brass sounds that make this an epic song.
If you haven’t checked the first part of this series, listen here, because it’s just fantastic.



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  1. Ben Zaven Crane says:

    Yeah! Yeah! I feel a pointy walky-street cartoony mime coming on..

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