Golden Scissors



French producer Pierre-Alexandre Busson, better known as Yuksek, has been quite active lately! After dropping his remix of Kasper Bjorke’s “Sunrise” (…listen here…) he’s back with more of the same potion. This time he’s reworking Griefjoy‘s forthcoming single “Touch Ground.” You’re probably asking yourself, “Who are Griefjoy?” Well, I asked the same question myself. So I did a little research and from what I gathered, Griefjoy is a French quartet based in Nice and their sound is absolutely brilliant. I know that they have an official video for this single, but unfortunately it’s not available in my country. So, I’ve been searching a bit more and discovered an amazing video for a single called “Kids Turn Around” released last December (…watch/listen here…). From what I have heard, their sound is some sort of progressive rock with amazing percussions and fast bpm. I can’t talk much about this new single, because I haven’t heard the original version, but I think I know why Yuksek decided to remix it. It’s clear that he identifies himself with the music of this band, as their sound makes it hard for you to remain indifferent. Honestly, I’m really excited to see what’s going to happen in the future with these guys. I’ve noticed that there’s a new wave of French musicians producing quality music. Even though they’re playing regular instruments, they’re clearly refreshing the whole scene by re-discovering new electronic elements and sounds. The good thing about all of this is that they have people like Yuksek to remix their music. Plus, the French producer works pretty well as an “instrument” to promote their music. It’s fair enough to say that in this particular case, this band totally rocks! As usual, Busson’s remix is pure gold. He’s constantly upgrading/­reinventing his own style, and that’s one of many reasons why he’s one of the best producers worldwide. Once again, we’re facing a brilliant work that will lead you straight to the dance floor. The original work is taken from the band’s upcoming “Touch Ground” EP which includes 3 original tracks and another remix by The Shoes. The whole package drops on February 25th, and you can already pre-order your copy digital copy on iTunes, or a physical copy via Sony Music. We love France!



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