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After a long period of silence, the Irish producer REID shared a new single titled “Wake’ yesterday. I must confess that my first judgment of this new piece was completely wrong. Sorry about that. This is not the first time we’re featuring a production by the talented Cork-based producer. Last year we posted his excellent redemption of Giraffage & XXYYXX’s “Even Though” (…listen here…) and we played it on repeat here at Golden Scissors. This new single, without a doubt, showcases a development in his production skills. If you’re like me, and am not feeling it on your first listen, I highly recommend you to download it and listen to it later. Maybe it’s just a matter of timing! While looking at some images of my beautiful island I decided to give “Wake” another chance. Honestly, I’m totally in love with this track. Every single beat sounds perfect, creating an immense atmosphere with bright melodies. REID starts the track with a full and warm bass that serves as an intro. After this first moment he adds some melodious mini pitched-up vocal samples that will last throughout the whole piece. I’m pretty sure that this piece will hit you straight in the heart. By the way, this picture is from a lake called “Sete Cidades” or in English, “Seven Cities” and it is located on the island of São Miguel, Azores, Portugal (the island I live on). I don’t know who’s the author of this picture, but I really love it. Make sure to download this track for free on the player below, and  follow REID on Soundcloud and Facebook as well. Peace….



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