Golden Scissors



Sometimes good music just falls on our lap and we have the “trouble” of reviewing it. That’s our miserable life. The first time I saw the description from this tune, “The first edit of my remix”, it got me confused. An edit of a mix by the same person? But the song playing on my phones made me go on to try and understand this. Who is Claes Rosen? What sort of genre does he do? How does this edit of a remix came to be? Well, Claes Rosen is an artist from Sweden making electronic music wherever it may lead him, be it Deep House, Breakbeat or Nudisco. And that got me to the song we bring you now. The original song, a beautiful indie dance song centred on an acoustic guitar with the lovely voice of Ella Sky, and you can listen to a preview here, is part of the “IsBjorn” Ep released by Nordstorm last year which includes the remix by Claes Rosen, a Nudisco version of it. Now this was all well and good so why make an edit of it? I don’t know why he made this, but we can all be happy he did. The elements of the remix are all there, the acoustic guitar in the back, the voice floating through the music, the synthline pounding in your ears, but somehow he slows it down a little bit and you get this tropical flavour that you just can’t shake and makes you smile.
Grab the song for free on the player below and check out the rest of his work because we know you will surely find some other songs to your liking.



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