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Honeymooon - HAIL THE MADMEN

Here’s something that make us all very proud! “Hail The Madmen” is the first single being shared by the L.A.-based duo Honeymooon. This is a project belonging to two monsters of the indie/dance/­electronic scene – producers, Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant. Yep, both from Miami Horror! You’re probably thinking that they work non-stop! I was definitely thinking it! If you’ve been following us for a long time, you probably know that we’re big fans of Aaron and his side project “Good Night Keaton.” We truly believe that this guy is a genius, and we had to share his new adventure with his pal Benjamin. Honeymooon will definitely become huge for everything that it represents. Not just in terms of quality production, but it will also make you rediscover the colorful psychedelic 60’s-70’s pop. “Hail The Madmen” will take you on a journey to the past, where you will instantly think about names such as The Beatles or Fleetwood Mac. They clearly revisit their childhood, delivering luscious pop sounds together with dreamy guitars and warping synths. From what we know, the duo has been working on this project for the last year, and the result is really impressive. The new single is taken from their forthcoming debut LP (still untitled) to be released during 2013, and it will be accompanied by a visual film directed by Dimitri Basil, who is the same director of the Flight Facilities video, “Foreign Language.” I’ve also copied their own description about the this new piece, and you can check it out above the player. While you wait for the new album, you can already buy this new single on iTunes and follow the duo on Facebook and Soundcloud. Stay Golden….!

“Hail the Madmen” is inspired by the problems and impact of the homeless in San Fran and LA. The result is a cartoonish, psychedelic ditty that sends its listener on a Magical Mystery Tour of sounds with a conscience.



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