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El Perro Del Mar - Hold Off The Dawn (Gidge Remix)

We know, music has been changing for the last couple of months! No matter what direction it takes, there will always be excellent and average sounds in existence. Here at Golden Scissors, we like to follow the changes taking place in music and we like to update our database and make sure you feel that following us is worth your while. We only post what we feel is excellent, no matter what genre we’re sharing with you. This piece we present you today is an example of evolution in music and a new direction that we’ve recently being trying to promote. In the past we’ve already heard excellent remixes for El Perro del Mar. All of them were more directed to the Indie Dance/Disco feeling, but a couple minutes ago, Swedens’s Sarah Assbring, a.k.a. El Perro Del Mar, shared this remix by the electronic duo Gidge, also from Sweden, for the single “Hold Off The Dawn.” The original single is a classic indie lo-fi piece, with interesting melancholic piano chords adorned with Sarah’s beautiful vocals. The remix by Gidge is definitely the best take we’ve heard to date for this single. They kept the essence of the original without even changing the vocal. I’m not sure about the key vocal, but apparently it stays untouchable. They also managed to leave the main melody of the single, but they reinvented the rest of the piece. This track starts with the simple vocals of Sarah and around 0:35 a gentle kick enters which evolves into some kind of dark atmosphere that will last throughout the whole piece. Around 1:05 they added a sweet choir and finally at 1:48 there’s a drop and a cool sample of a door closing. The drop lasts until 2:20 and you will feel some sort of development together with mini samples of the vocal, which will fade away around 4:04. Brilliant.

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