Golden Scissors



So, everybody knows that we’re big fans of classic disco here, right? We like big productions, old classic disco full of synth with a big orchestration. So it’s just natural to review something like Touch Tone‘s last work. L.A. producer, Andrew Verner, is no stranger in our little home and we have been tracking his work from is participation with Fabian on “Soleil Rouge”, that you can find here, or one of my favourite songs from last year, “Home away from home”, posted here, spawning remixes from Benedikt Hammer, Final Djs, Starcadian and Freak You.
Now he presents us an original with a classic touch. In his own words, “a cinematic disco expedition through time and space” and I couldn’t agree more. We all know that artists may overstate on their work but this one is just spot on. It’s got that feel of big band filled with violins that seems to have come from the likes of Dimitri From Paris. I can understand that it must be hard to get something like this together and he did it very well. So if you’re looking for a soundtrack for a 70’s movie you’ve got it, or you can even play this on your disco themed dj set because I think it will be a floor filler. Be sure to download the track on the player below and follow him on soundcloud because he has much more music to offer.



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