Golden Scissors


People usually say that the sky’s the limit! I don’t know about you, but I feel that the Louisville-based producer Andrew Rothbauer, a.k.a. Pyxis, doesn’t even have a clue about his own limits. Honestly, I can’t stop listening to his music! I think I have already gone through his entire Soundcloud account a few times, and I can’t get enough of it. Ok, you can judge me by saying that I’m sharing a remix. It’s fair enough! But he has been doing some original material, which is probably even better (my personal opinion) than some of his remixes. For instance, his single called “Dream, Girl” (…­listen here…) has been played on repeat, not just at home, but I’ve played it in local bars. People’s reactions have always been great and there’s always someone who asks who the track is by. I’m pretty certain that if he was popular, “Dream, Girl” could easily become a hit. But it’s not, and I’m posting another one from Pyxis, and it will not be enough. I will probably end up posting another one. This weekend he shared his redemption of Bondax’s mesmerizing single “All I Want” released back in 2011, and I’m in love with his version. He tagged it as liquid chill, and I couldn’t agree more. Pyxis’s version is shorter and more intense. Just like the original version, he starts with a simple piano line, which is filled with a static beat. Around 1:04 there’s a long “liquid” drop that lasts until 1:25, accompanied by little cuts on the vocal. Precisely at 1:47 there’s a new drop with a gentle echo on the vocal, and the sequence I’ve just mentioned is repeated. Finally, the track fades away. Once again we’re facing a beautiful take by Pyxis! Download this track free on the player below, and make sure to love him on Facebook and Soundcloud. Enjoy…!



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  1. Luba Kalmykova says:

    The Sky Is Not the Limit. That Is Definitely So True.

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