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Germany Germany – Apollo

Canadian producer Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Germany Germany, is back to the game with a new single titled “Apollo.” If you’re familiarized with his music, you’re probably fan of his golden touch, not just in terms of remixing or covering, but also when we talk about original material. For instance, his single “Take Me Home” (…download here…) is without a doubt one of my personal all-time favorites, as well as, his excellent cover of College/Electric Youth’s “Real Hero” (…listen here…). Today he dropped on soundcloud a new piece that isn’t not an “easy listening” one, but if you give it chance it will grow on you. That’s a promise. I’ve copied his own description on soundcloud about this new track, which is available for free for a limited number of 1000 copies. Enjoy…!

“… apollo is the first of a collection of songs i’ve been working on for a long time, songs i always planned to finish but was never happy with. i’ve decided that it’s time to publish them and to return to my earlier mindset of diy/lo-fi imperfection…”



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