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King Dinosaur - How To Feel (Just Kiddin Remix)

Here at Golden Scissors we’re not fans of premiering releases. We believe that nobody detains the rights of a certain artist/act. Although, we’re opening an exception this time because our entire crew is in love for this remix from the UK duo Just Kiddin of King Dinosaur‘s “How To Feel.” If you’ve heard already the original single, you’re going to be impressed with this version. If you haven’t heard it yet, check it out here. Just Kiddin’s rework slows down a little in relation with the original. They also respect the original vocal, and the main difference of their track is that they keep the dancey/freedom mood of the original, without even taking the essence of it. They keep the legibility of the song, taking off what sounds a bit “too much.” So, they divided the track into three different moments that are very much recognizable all over the piece. The vocal is listenable along the entire the track, allied to a steppy pace (very much British) which will instantly make you move and become anxious for the amazing 2 kicks and half. Superb take of a superb track! The good new is that this is an exclusive free download for our readers. Make sure to show some love to Just Kiddin and King Dinosaur for this delightful gift. Stay golden!

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