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Without a doubt that Charlie Yin aka Girafagge is one of the winners of 2012! I’m pretty sure that you remember his epic collaboration with his pal XXYYXX for the single “Even Tough.” Since then we’ve been following his growing process, not just as producer, but also as a reference to other young producers. Girafagge’s productions always sound different, and its quite difficult to choose a favorite track from his repertoire. A couple minutes the San Francisco producer dropped his debut “Needs” LP, which is more like a compilation of his past releases. It’s fair enough to say that Yin’s have built a name for himself over the last few months. It’s really impressive how just in a short period of time he became so big, while his music has been constantly blogged worldwide. Obviously we had to share this work as well. Make sure to download the whole LP for free here. Also, in case you missed the brilliant video for “Even Tough,” watch it after the jump.




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