Golden Scissors



Thr!!!er is back. Not that one, the Chk Chk Chk version of their own “Thriller”. Has stated by themselves in recent interviews, it’s meant to be their epic album. We’ll have to wait until its release on April 30Th to find out, but it’s always good when they release something new. The band with of the question marks, !!! or Chk Chk Chk, have been around since 1996 making tunes that go from funk, post-punk, to new york noise and after releasing four albums it’s still hot. It’s all that blend of musical colours that makes this an interesting act to follow.
They decided to give away their new single, Slyd, another groove song, resembling the golden years of ESG. It’s just a trip full of big beat, a little house feel, and an arrangement of instruments released throughout the song that’s sure to make you move your body. I should just stop writing now and let you listen.
So click on the player below to listen, and enter your email on the box to get this song for free.



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