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Vaughn Oliver (U-Tern) and Oliver Goldstein (Oligee) are Oliver, the electronic duo coming from L.A. who we’ve had the pleasure to interview. Along with their bunch of remixes, they came practically two years ago to stay. Described by themselves as “the beating heart inside the dance machine” there is no doubt they make music to dance; their style is a mix of 80’s, groovy R&B, boombox worthy hip-hop and electropop. They’ve just released a new EP titled ‘Mechanical’ through Fool’s Records with which they have expanded their funkier side, let’s see what they have to tell us!

GS:  We know you started as scratching DJs in the 90’s, how did you take the leap into electronic music and especially into that cosmic world?
O: I think it was the progression from starting as hip-hop kids and slowly figuring out that most of our favorite beats were sampled from old soul and disco records. From that point on we just got more into disco and house records. Vaughn started out by making edits of old records and Oliver has been a musician most of his life, playing in bands and producing for artists. We gravitated towards the disco records that had more depth to them. We’ve always liked records that have a really aggressive rhythm sections and deep chords on top.

GS: Before releasing this new EP you were in some kind of nonstop mode, as every month we could hear a new remix from you (or two), do you feel like making music constantly as it was some part of your daily routine?
O: It’s hard a go a week without being in the studio, even when we’re not working on actual songs we feel the need to turn on some keyboards and just play around. Getting away from the studio is really good once in a while, it gives you a chance to think of new ideas and you come back ready to create.

(Still being played on repeat….)

GS:  How important are remixes nowadays? Do you think that’s crucial for being part of the scene besides from making your own music?
O: For us, very important. For one, it actually forces us to get in the studio and finish something. I think if you trust your instincts and feel what you’re doing, the music will always progress, if we ever stop caring about the music or lose the passion it’ll stop moving forward. For now we’re in a good place creatively. 

GS: We’ve heard you guys love synths and you have an awesome collection; which is the most precious piece you have?
O: That’s a hard question, probably the Prophet 5 at the moment. It’s sounds incredible and is very versatile, there’s a reason it’s widely regarded as a classic.

GS: Who are your big influences right now?
O: So many. Jacques Lu Cont, Toro Y Moi, Gesaffelstein, Justice, Para One, The Sneekers, In Flagranti, Soulwax, Tiger & Woods and old stuff like Kano, Change and Roy Ayers but it changes every week. Oliver is really into this old yacht rock band called Pages right now.

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GS: Of all the people you had been working with, did anyone surprise you in a way that wasn’t expected?
O: Yuksek came by recently when he was in town and we just started a track. Just turned on some synths and a couple hours later we had a pretty cool idea. Hopefully it will be done soon.

GS: What would be your dream collab? Any vocals you would love to include in any of your singles?
O: Prince because he is Prince.

GS: How has been working for Fool’s Gold label? Are you happy with the reception of Mechanical EP?
O: Fool’s Gold is amazing, we’re grateful for them putting the EP out. Any positive feedback we get is a blessing, the fact some people enjoy our music is a gift. What’s more important to us than charts and lists is when people tell us they like what we are doing, just knowing that it’s connecting with listeners from around the world is a great feeling, even if it’s only a few people.
GS: Nice artwork cover by the way, do you care and involve about design and image regarding to your music?
O: An artist named Killian Eng from Stockholm did the artwork for the EP. We were a fan of his work so we trusted him come up with the design, we sent him the music and he took it from there. Up to that point we hadn’t worked with any outside artists, we had done all the previous designs including the logo. Being huge fans of classic album artwork the visual element to music has always been very important to us.

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GS:  Confess, is Holy Ship as it looks like from the other side of the computer? (white lies are accepted)
O: It’s incredible. What is cooler then being on a private island in the Bahamas and dancing to a Justice disco set on the beach?

GS:  You said through blogs you know what’s going on and they have helped you in the past; which ones do you usually follow?
O: Soundcloud is what we really pay attention to more than blogs. We follow a lot of artists on there, and it’s a great way for us to discover new artists too. So many people that have under a 1000 followers and are absolutely amazing.

You can already find ‘Mechanical’ EP on iTunes

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