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Charli XCX – “You (Ha Ha Ha) (Lindstrøm Remix)”

Always a fan when someone grabs an original pop song and turns it into a golden disco “alternative” jam. That’s exactly what the Norwegian legendary producer Lindstrom does with his redemption of Charli XCX‘s “You (Ha Ha Ha).” I would probably say that this is the European version of a single that honestly doesn’t tell me that much. This version only shows why Lindstrom is part of the royalty (those who never go out of style) of Nu Disco producers. The superb vocal treatment as well as an efficient instrumental arrangement completely contrast with the pop/hysterical feeling of the original. If I didn’t know this was a remix for Charli XCX, I wouldn’t even have thought that the vocals are from the lady on the picture above. This version is proof that you don’t need to follow certain standards to make something sound good. Check out on iTunes the full remix package featuring Goldroom, BURNS, Melé and MS MR. Enjoy…!



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