Golden Scissors


Azores & TWOS
For many people, Sunday is the day of the week when everyone stops and takes a rest from work and from many other responsibilities. Here on islands, Sunday is when everything becomes even more calm than usual. The city where I live on almost stops functioning. Literally. Today the weather is fantastic, and we’re truly blessed to live in paradise, just like the picture of this post proves. I would say that TWOS latest single called “Trips” reflects my current mood exactly. Of course, this track wasn’t produced exclusively for me, and that’s the reason why I’m sharing it on our blog. Looking at this picture, the only track I really want to play on repeat is this single “Trips,” which sounds just perfect if you focus your eyes on this landscape. Since we’ve been following TWOS for quite some time now, I would say that he could easily live here, because his music fits perfectly in our lifestyle here in the Islands. If you’re feeling this track, make sure to read Elaby’s review for his latest ‘FEEL’ EP and follow TWOS on Soundcloud and Facebook. Enjoy your Sunday in peace…

Lagoa das Sete Cidades, São Miguel, Azores
Photo by Jorge Feteira



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