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Being huge fans of Depeche Mode‘s music, I simply can’t ignore the fact that the legendary UK synthpop band are coming out with new material. They have a new album titled ‘Delta Machine’ to be released on March 25th, and there’s also a remix package for the single “Heaven” taken from the LP. The EP has already been released on January 31st with remixes by Owlle, Steps to Heaven, Blawan, and a vocal mix by Matthew Dear vs. Audion. I’m not gonna lie to you and say that this new single is amazing. Honestly, I’m not one little bit disappointed with it. Although this remix package came with an amazing work by the French pop singer/producer Owlle, (Moonlight Matters has recently remixed her single ‘Disorder’ which we featured the other day). Her rework of this track completely surprised me. If you have already heard the original single, you know already that it is much slower; sounding much more like a love ballade (with a very strong 80’s feeling). Owlle’s version is much more happier with a nice background kick. Plus, we can feel the synthline like the way it should be. My only criticism is that maybe the vocal should have been a bit higher, but still, it’s a very solid production. Definitely one worth being played on repeat! You can already buy the EP on iTunes, as well as, pre-order the album, which will also be available on iTunes. Enjoy…!



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  1. Bruno Romeu says:

    this lady Owlle is going to blow up very soon!

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