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We’re truly fortunate to have had the chance to interview Satin Jackets. He’s clearly one of the most talented producers we’ve posted here on Golden Scissors and we regret all his past releases we haven’t posted before. It’s really impressive to see how a single person can completely touch your soul with his music – we can almost feel the breeze rushing through his music, reaching each one of us. What really makes us feel sorry is the fact that Golden Scissors is not big enough to reach every single person in the world and show them the talent of this man. Since we don’t know much about the German producer, we tried to get to know more about him, as well as his view on electronic music nowadays. It’s truly an honor to share this interview with you!

GS: Satin Jackets, where did the name come from? Any story behind it?
SJ: It was just something that came up when tossing around a few ideas. It sounded a bit quirky, but also fun and retro. I liked picturing people talking about “The Satin Jackets” as a formation and the decision was made.

GS: How did you get into music? Any specific artist/s that influenced you in the past?
SJ: I have been working in music since the mid 90s and the past ten years as a full-time freelance producer. Around 2009, I came across labels like Eskimo and Permanent Vacation with Marcus Worgull’s remix of “Woolfy vs. Projections – Absynth” and Phoreski’s “80s Boy”. To me, it was a bit like Deep House, but better – less strict, more musical and explorative. I liked the retro aspect as well as the “why not?” attitude and, most of all, the slow tempo that gave room to laid back grooves and bigger basslines. Then came Tesla Boy and I blissfully checked out their “Spirit of the Night” video. That was the point when I was hooked enough to sit myself down and start my own thing.

GS: Judging by the quality of your productions, we get an idea that you’re not a newcomer. What’s your musical background? Can you tell us more about that?
SJ: I had a Deep House project called “Lorenzo” in the late 90s/early 2ks together with my friend Yoshino and the singer Linda Mathews, who’s also done some singing for a few Satin Jackets productions. As Lorenzo, we released three albums and toured across Europe. Since then I have been working as a composer for media and advertising.

(Satin Jackets latest remix of Clark & Pudell’s “Zashu”)

GS: Can you describe your sound? Who’s your main audience?
SJ: I would say Satin Jackets’s music picks up the ideas of 70s to 80s Disco and New Wave, and wraps it into a modern soundscape borrowing elements from Electronic Dance Music and House, while still sticking to the original essence. Some of it might be seen as club music, but I also want to preserve a listening experience that is not limited to the dancefloor. Since I promote and distribute my music over the Internet, my audience is made up of all kinds of people across the world who simply appreciate this kind of sound.

GS: We noticed that last year disco “died” a little. What’s your opinion about the future of the disco scene?
SJ: There has been a lot of diversification and an “anything goes” attitude which I personally appreciate. I think it’ll turn into some kind of Big Apple for anything that is not strictly limited to the classical House/Deep House or Indie categories. The original Nu Disco hype might be on the decline and, quite frankly, all that editing is getting out of hand, but the door that has been opened and will remain open: You don’t have to choose between track and song anymore, or be mainstream or underground. You can be anything in between. Yay.

GS: How do you typically start your tracks? When you use synth, are you using presets, or editing them, or making fresh patches?
SJ: I have a carefully administered library of handpicked sounds and beat elements that make up the typical Satin Jackets sphere. I also know how they behave in the mix, which is important. I don’t start working before I have some kind of a feeling in which direction I want to go. Then I create a groove and sit myself at the keyboard finding bass, chords and overall rhythm. Once I approve of the sound and feel, I start arranging.

SJ Artwork by Ginna Synaesthesik

GS: We know that nowadays there are a lot of people producing electronic music. When you produce a track, do you think about anything specific, or do you make what feels right at the moment?
SJ: Having an idea of where I want to go is essential. It does totally depend on what feels right; but whenever I find myself randomly trying out sounds or elements, I stop and return to introspection until I have a clearer perspective.

GS: What are your thoughts on the amount of remixes producers are putting out almost every day? Example: One original single = 3 remixes!
SJ: I was never a fan of making an original interesting or genre-compatible by remixing. I try to complement a release musically with remixes. The original mix always has to be strong and interesting enough to stand on its own legs or simply be accompanied by a b-side to make up a release.

GS: We know that in Germany people listen mostly to techno/house! Do you think the fact that you’re living in Germany affects your musical career?
SJ: Yes. Not for the better. The only good part is that it keeps me diligent and away from going partying. I work in the studio almost every day of the week.

GS: We love almost all of your releases, such as, “Girl Forever,” “You Make Me Feel Good,” “Hollywood” and more recently “Boys & Girls.” Did you have any idea that your music would become so widely appreciated worldwide?
SJ: Naturally, it is every artist’s intention to find an audience and get good feedback. Satin Jackets was never strategically designed to conquer a scene rather than claiming its space and being its own brand. So I am happy to see how people find my music and appreciate it without me having to put out monthly chart mixes. I realize how DJs are the true protagonists these days and it is good to see that music creators themselves like J.Viewz or Washed Out still stand out by doing their thing.

(still being played on repeat…)

GS: What do you think about the scene at the moment? Any trend/artist that you’re specially enjoying?
SJ: With my label Glam Jam Artists, I try to create a bit of a musical family. I’m a fan of KLar&PF, I like what Moon Boots does and I am curious to see what Monsoon Season, Deep Sound Express, Five Reasons and Tempogeist are coming up with next. I mostly choose by feeling and I am certainly no trend scout.

GS: What has been your favorite experience as an artist?
SJ: Having somebody tell me how my music reached and touched them in a special way

GS: What are your next projects/releases coming up?
SJ:After Boys&Girls on my own imprint, there will be the release of “You Make Me Feel Good” on Eskimo Recordings on February 25th and a Satin Jackets Collection of 19 tracks from past to present on Paradise Entertainment due March 4th. After that, we’re heading towards a release featuring Patrick Baker on Brooklyn’s Deep & Disco. I have also been doing some remixing for Nurvous, Roberto Rodriguez, Shiny Disco Club and 17:44 which are still to come in the near future.

GS: Anything else you would like to say to your fans and our readers?
SJ: Thank you :

Satin Jackets mixing for Golden Scissors

01. Pat Metheny / Lyle Mays – As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls (Excerpt)
02. Glenn Dale – U N I (Original Mix)
03. Tiger Cubes – Thinking Of You (Lipelis Dream Mix)
04. Heion – Electric Jam (Original Mix)
05. SleazyMcQueen – I’M Tired (Pete Herbert Remix)
06. UnorthodoxX – In The Morning (Original Mix)
07. Volta Cab – Marat On Ecstasy
08. Ben La Desh – 27 Degree
09. Nacho Marco Feat. Sais & Fabiani – Let’s Go Silly (Mario & Vidis Redo)
10. Fiori – Andiamo (Populette Remix)
11. James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)
12. MonsoonSiren – Echoes

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